Bitcoin (BTC) Dominant Again as Altcoins Like Solana (SOL) Falter – Bloomberg

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A 9-year-old fascinated with robots now runs his own company with a full-time staff of adults who help teach other children about robotics. A baseball fanatic has created an enterprise that sends out subscription boxes full of baseball gear on a monthly basis, from training equipment to sunflower seeds. And finally, meet the young men who, with the help of music superstar Drake, help people get into the increasingly lucrative world of professional online gaming.
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The Math Prodigy Whose Hack Upended DeFi Won’t Give Back His Millions
Crypto Billionaire Novogratz Breaks Silence, Calls Luna ‘Big Idea That Failed’
Bitcoin Flexes Dominance Again as Altcoins Suffer Bigger Losses

Bitcoin might be having a tough time of late, but it’s holding up much better than other cryptocurrencies, showcasing its ability to stay dominant during rough spells.
The coin’s market-cap dominance has risen “sharply” during the latest selloff, reaching 45%, the highest level this year, according to data compiled by Babel Finance. It suggests “altcoins are at their worst,” the firm’s strategists wrote in a note.


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