How High Will Bitcoin Go?

How High Will Bitcoin Go?


Many people wonder how high bitcoin can go. Elon Musk has declared that Bitcoin is the future, while the Head of the Bank of England has expressed doubt. Though some nations have adopted bitcoin as legal tender, it is still traded in certain circles. This article explains how Bitcoin works and the latest status. Also, learn why Bitcoin is so popular and what its future holds. You can also learn more about the future of Bitcoin from our article below. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in bitcoin.

Latest Status

The price of Bitcoin has traded under USD 60,000 as the cryptocurrency nears USD 4,100 and Ethereum closes in on USD 1,05. The price of XRP is nearing USD 1.05 support, with ripple testing it at USD 1.05 as well. The Indian lawmakers have finally decided that it is impossible to prevent the growth of the crypto industry. A major fraud at the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange has caused major investor losses. This has triggered an exodus of investors from the market.

How High Will it Go

Many investors are asking the question: How high will Bitcoin go? The short answer is that it could reach $10 million per coin. However, an honest answer is more complex. While the price of Bitcoin has nearly doubled since its introduction in January, the true price could be significantly higher. We recommend keeping a conservative estimate of $80,000 per coin. There are several reasons for this bullish expectation, and the first one is due to past performance.

According to Bloomberg Research, Bitcoin will reach a price of $12,000 by the end of 2020. That would make the price more than double from today’s $4JUdGzvrMFDWrUUwY3toJATSeNwjn54LkCnKBPRzDuhzi5vSepHfUckJNxRL2gjkNrSqtCoRUrEDAgRwsQvVCjZbRyFTLRNyDmT1a1boZVanalysts say that Bitcoin is a good investment that has the potential to grow in value. This is not to say that investors should wait for the cryptocurrency to rise dramatically, but it is important to remember that the price is still very low compared to other assets.


Bitcoin is the first digital currency. Developed in 2009, it is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that creates, holds, and transfers value. Its decentralized and peer-to-peer system means that no single institution controls it. Instead, everyone is able to use the system to make transactions with other bitcoins. This means that it is completely free and open, making it a good fit for a variety of purposes.

Its primary uses are as a medium of exchange and as an investment. It can be owned and traded just like any other asset, such as gold. As a result, there are many ways to use bitcoin, including as an investment and as a means of international remittance. It is also tradable, and can be purchased in exchange for fiat currencies. This creates arbitrage opportunities, and is now the most liquid cryptocurrency.

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