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CBS News Sunday Morning.
After growing up as a global citizen, Rhuigi Villaseñor settled in Southern California and found his twin passions: clothing and hustle. Kendrick Lamar wore a t-shirt design of his, the bandana tee, on stage at the BET Awards and everything changed. RHUDE would be born shortly thereafter, and Rhuigi would go on to create a unique language at the intersection of Americana, Luxury and Streetwear that would drive the brand to the pinnacle of cool and also to commercial success. But of course not without his fair share of mistakes and missteps.
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Do Kwon, co-founder and CEO of Terraform Labs.
Do Kwon is counting on the oldest cryptocurrency as a backstop for his stablecoin, which some critics liken to a ginormous Ponzi scheme.

Back in 2016, when Do Kwon was just a little-known startup founder with grand ambitions of bringing free internet to all, he noticed his research on distributed networks kept bringing up stuff on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Next thing he knew, he’d fallen “down the crypto rabbit hole.”


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