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He’s officially your Stab Edit Of The Year champion.
When our first Stab Edit of the Year entry — Kael Walsh’s ‘Idiot Box’ — dropped last March, one commenter who identifies as QuadThrusterSetup wrote, “Good luck topping that.” 
In hindsight, a successful challenger to the throne would’ve required more than luck. Particularly, they’d need a difficult-to-process amount of A+ clips, some fine editing, and a banger soundtrack — all things that make a surf part great. 
We even heard whispers of a few A-listers deciding not to create Stab Edit Of The Year entries simply because they figured there was no way they could beat Kael. Today, we can officially say that their self-aware intuitions were indeed valid. 
‘Idiot Box’ has officially won the 2022 Stab Edit Of The Year. 
Over 40% of our Stab Premium audience voted for Kael over the ten other SEOTY entries. Then he pulled 20 votes in our Stab Surfer Of The Year poll (the next closest edit got 7 votes). “There’s no real competition in that for me,” said Noa Deane. “That was the sickest edit I’ve seen in a couple years. That whole thing was all hammers.” 
Those hammers ended up mining Kael a Bitcoin (currently worth $23k USD). 
I called him up to see how that feels. He was in the airport, after scoring in a not-to-be-named location. 
Of course, he’s working on another project. 
A post shared by Kael Walsh (@kaelwalsh)
Stab: How does it feel own a Bitcoin?
Kael: Pretty surreal. [laughs] Is it official?
Yeah, that’s why I’m calling. Congrats.
Fuck, I’m frothing. It’s kind of a dream come true.
What are you gonna do with it?
I don’t know. Dad just asked me that question. We were discussing sitting on it. Seems pretty futuristic. [laughs] I’m not a crypto….fucking….guy.
Are you going to be a crypto bro now?
I watched a video about it a couple days ago.
What’d you learn?
It said something about it maybe going back up.
What are you going to do this year?
I just did two swell chases recently, so I want to keep doing that and try to get the best waves and I can get.
Sounds like we’ve got more edits coming soon…
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He’s officially your Stab Edit Of The Year champion.
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